American Pi

Someone claimed that we now have to wait until year 15926 to get another epic pi day. But in 15926, they sure do not write 3/14/15926 any longer. It is an insane way to write dates, because it does not sort properly. By the way, 2115 is much closer, but still far enough to get rid of strange ways to write dates.

In Germany, we write 14.3.2015 which does not make things better, but it makes 31.4 our pi-day, which unfortunately does not exist. Bad for us. There is Euler’s day 27.1 which is even better. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born that day, and Lewis Caroll who was also a mathematician.

The correct international way is 2014-03-14 by the way, which means we have to wait until 3141-5-9, and even that is cheating.

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