Check Websites for Typos

If you are like me, you make lots of typos. Reading twice or more often does not help. You miss the mistake in each reading.

Word and most editors now contain a spell checker, which will underline any misspelled word in red. Most browsers contain a spell checker, which checks the spelling in input fields like the one I enter this text into right now. WordPress contains a spell checker, which can be started after you finished the text (and surprisingly does not know the word „WordPress“ because it spells „WordPress“ – go and correct!).

But what about programs that can generate web sites and don’t have a spell checker (yet), like my Euler program? Well, there is a way to solve this problem in Firefox. You need a link with the following content:


This is a JavaScript line (broken in two lines for this blog), which turns the content editable, and the design mode on. Consequently, the page will now show the spell errors, by default in English. Probably you can also use other languages, but I do not know how. I found this trick in the web on this page. Thanks a lot to lifehacker.

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