Euler 19.1

This is an update, which improves the display and print of the HTML export. It turns out, that the resolution of the Latex formulas and of the graphics is good enough for screens, but fails to some extend on prints, and to a larger extend on tablet devices if the user magnifies the view. To help out, Euler can now store a larger version of the graphics and save that along with the HTML export and the notebook. For Latex formulas, this is the default, but for graphics it takes too much time and space. So it is off by default.

The following is a Latex output, as it would be saved by Euler.

For the blog, I scaled this image 1:3, just as an HTML export would. But you can see the full version by clicking on the image. Here is the scaled down version, as it would appear in Euler notebooks.

If you magnify this page in the browser you can see the difference in quality. You need a browser that magnifies images too, not only the font. Chrome does that with Ctrl and +. Reset with Ctrl and 0. If you look closely, you can see the difference even at 100%.

Another change is in the error messages. Now they show the lines of the errors in all functions in the call chain. This makes it easier to find errors in nested programs.


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