Euler 19.2 and 19.3

The execute command got an upgrade. It is now possible to start a process in the background, open pipes to it, and read and write from the pipes. The output will appear in Euler in a vector of strings. Currently, I have no application for this, but maybe a user has. Actually, Euler uses this type of communication for Maxima. Moreover, the Povray process is started with the execute command.

Users always find ways to crash programs that the author did not dream of. B. Krämer found a bug in the plot routine for very large paths. Some versions ago, I changed the behavior of plot. Before the change it did draw single lines, and now it uses a path. This enabled nice looking dashed or dotted paths. However, Windows cannot handle large numbers of points for the path, and Euler did not check for this problem. The result was a complete halt of Windows. I fixed that now.

Version 19.2 renames a family of functions which evaluate polynomials, interpolations, splines etc. The functions now are named eval…, e.g., evalpoly(x,p). The argument is always first. In older versions, this was polyval(p,x).

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