Euler 19.7

I changed the code for the grid lines in solids and in hue plots. In previous versions, all grid lines where visible. So you had a choice between many grid lines or a fine plot. Now there is a default of 10 grid lines.

If you wished 10 grid lines in earlier versions, you can get this with n=10.

The command for this was


and some adjustments with the cursor and the center (press c). By the way, I deselect the square graphics for such plots and use a separate plot window.

For shaded plots, the same is available too, if you specify the grid parameter.

The command was

>plot3d("exp(-(x^2+y^2))*(x^2+3*y^2)", ...
> angle=60°,>user,r=3,fscale=1,>spectral,n=100,grid=10,zoom=3):

Moreover, there is a new option for plots of complex grids.

>r=linspace(0,1,100); phi=linspace(0,2pi,400); z=r*exp(I*phi'); ...
> plot2d(exp(z),cgrid=10):


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