Euler 19.8

I finally did some dynamic font sizing. For small prints it is necessary to use relatively larger fonts. It does not help to just reduce the image in size. Characters will become unreadable, lines will be faint, and points unrecognizable. This is, why postscript is not the answer to image scaling. My geometry program C.a.R. has a rather sophisticated way to scale these things and to preview the result. Euler is now catching up.

For this blog, I have a 12 point font, and the graphics is 400 pixel wide. On a 100 dpi screen this should be around 11 cm in width. If you export in Euler for this screen, you can now set the font locally with

setfont(11pt,11cm); plot2d("x^x",0,1,0,1):

The font size will not be saved. The font will be just a little smaller than the text font now, which is perfect.

This version also adds a confirmation for exec commands. Otherwise, it would be possible to invade the system with an Euler notebook that you downloaded from somewhere. Moreover, I put the save routine to a separate thread. If you save with larger images for the net and have plenty of images in the notebook, you might experience a Windows warning about a non-reacting application otherwise.

I also updated the notebook about the differential equations with lots of information.

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