Euler 20.2

This adds a feature that I wanted to program for a long time. The HTML export now goes to a UTF8 file by default. For this, Euler writes a byte order mask (BOM) at the start of the file and translates the local encoding to Unicode. All browsers accept this encoding and display the content correctly, if the characters are included in the browser font.

I also added an option to save Notebooks to UTF8. However, doing so does not guarantee that all Euler versions in all countries can display the notebook. Internally, Euler uses the local encoding, and it might not be possible to reflect the foreign characters in the local character set.

Another small change is that empty command lines or lines with empty comments are now hidden, unless they have the focus. This allows to group comments into sections by those hidden command lines. Moreover, a command line now gets the focus with a simple click into the comment block above the command line.

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