Euler 20.4 Update

I had to fix a piece of code, which should guarantee on tiny screens that the comment dialog does not exceed the screen size. It did not work due to wrong error checking. Moreover I fixed an SVG bug with bar plots and with font sizes.

Plans for the next version are either the direct edit of comments, or an improvement of the 3D solid graphics with hue and level lines. Direct editing of comments has its quirks, but I think it should be possible.

The planned improvement of the 3D graphics is the following: The level lines should have the same quality as the level lines Euler can produce with Povray.

The commands for this are

>load povray;

Euler cannot mimic the shadows and lights, nor the intersecting axes. But the level lines could have the same quality. Here is the current look of this graphics in Euler.

The command is almost the same.


Moreover, there should be a way to chop off the graphics for functions with singularities. Currently, one can max and min the function with limits, but it should be done at the graphics level.

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