Euler 21.8 und 21.9

These are just two steps towards a stable Python scripting. I had to fix some issues.

Moreover, I introduced underscores in names in Euler to accommodate Python and Maxima. The problem is that an old feature of Euler is the _ operator, which concatenates one matrix under another. Since many languages allow an underscore in the name of variables and functions, this is no longer a good idea. But I have to keep downward compatibility. The solution is to enter two underscores __, which will be reduced to one after the input.

But for Maxima, I need a translation from Maxima to Euler and back. This is necessary, if a Maxima function like foo_1 is implemented in Euler numerically with the same name. Evaluating the string „foo_1(x)“ will not work in Euler, it has to be „foo__1(x)“. This is solved now.

I did a notebook for MatPlotLib and SymPy. It uses Python from within Euler. Here is one output.

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