Euler 22.5. – 22.7

I forgot to talk about the new versions of Euler here in this blog. Sorry.

Version 22.7 is out. I extended the Bessel functions to negative values, if these values are real. That’s the case for integer orders. I decided to keep the arguments the Euler way with the main x argument first, and the order second. This is different from other sources. The reason is that Euler has lots of functions which accept other functions or expressions as parameters. Examples are solve(), integrate(), diff(), ode(). These functions do their work on the first argument or the first arguments of the function passed to them. Additional arguments for the function can be added as semicolon parameters. So the most important argument should be the first.

The sound analysis was outdated. Now most computers can easily do a Fast Fourier Transform with 2^16 points. So I increased the default values.

Version 22.6 fixed the hatched styles. Especially in SVG these styles did not scale well. Moreover diagonal hatches had annoying breaks. The reason is that these hatches are assembled from square tiles. For diagonal hatches, I used one diagonal line. This leaves small dents in the corners. It is now fixed.

Version 22.5 just improves the Python interface. Python routines could not be interrupted. Interrupting would leave Python in an unstable state. The solution is a fix, which allows to save the notebook during computations. So you can now save your work before leaving Euler, if a Python script is in an eternal loop.

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