Euler 23.0

Euler Version 23 is out. There are numerous new features and improvements. I included the free AlgLib library in Euler, mainly for their code for special functions, which allows me to retire some slow inverse distributions in Euler like invxnormaldis. I also replaced my Gamma function with their code.


From the numerical library, I tried some algorithms. E.g., I added their Gauß algorithm, just to see, how it would perform. In fact, I did not find any improvements to the already built-in algorithms.

A very nice addition is the eigenvalue algorithm from AlgLib. The algorithm works only for real matrices. The eigenvalue routine uses this algorithm by default for real matrices. The polysolve routine can be triggered with >usematrix to apply this algorithm to the companion matrix. By default, the quick Baurhuber method is used.

Another nice addition is the Fast Hartley Transform, which is similar as the Fourier Transform, but stays inside the real numbers.

I updated the sound generation to a sample rate of 44100, and tuned the sound analysis to reflect modern computers.

The documentation got an update. Many core functions are now listed in the reference as comment functions. This makes it easier to find all functions belonging to one topic. Comment functions are not found in Euler. They are only good for documentation. I added a lot more links. Some bugs in the help window have been removed.

Finally, I encourage every user to open a web space for Euler notebooks, and publish their works. High quality notebooks with good presentation and good content would help spread Euler faster than I ever could. Especially welcome are pages in foreign languages.

3 Gedanken zu „Euler 23.0

  1. Diego Jarrín

    Greetings from Ecuador. Thank you for this masterpiece of free educational and engineering tool; I´m an electronics engineering student and I want to advertise your software in my University and in my country.
    I will begin with some spanish tutorials or an spanish documentation, but I would like to ask where can I upload them? (when I finnish it), I haven´t seen an active „Euler Community“ whre users can share their experience with the software, I found an out-dated wishlist but I consider thats not enough.

    1. mga010 Beitragsautor

      Thanks. There are some websites here and there, but no active commumity. I have been discussing the problem of Euler penetration in schools or universities at some places. The main objectives are the omnipresent Matlab in universities, and lack of computer technology in schools.


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