Euler 23.1 and 23.2

For 23.1, I tried two adaptive integrators from AlgLib, one for smooth functions and one for singular functions. They use Gauß schemes, just as adaptivegauss() does. The one for singular functions needs the type of singularity at each boundary. Programming such C++ functions in Euler requires callbacks to Euler, which can be achieved, but not easily.

For 23.2, I fixed some Linux issues. Euler now detects, if it is running in Linux and Wine, and adjusts some options properly. Installing and using Euler e.g. in Ubuntu is now much easier. Along the way, I wrote an anti-alias function that works in Linux. It seems, the quality of the graphs inserted into the notebook or exported as PNG depended very much on the graphics driver. I use an own algorithm now.

However, Python can no longer be installed in Wine. I am checking this issue.

I also added an outlier display in boxplots.


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