Euler Math Toolbox 2014-22-01

The new exciting thing are special characters in plots, comments and output. Here is a somewhat random example.


To get this, you need to define Unicode strings in Euler. E.g., the title of this plot is labelled

>title = u"α³ - α"

You can use very many HTML codes, so-called „entities“. You can also use Unicode numbers. You can use the entities in comments too. This is a bit faster and more friendly than a line of Latex code.

In EMT, Unicode strings are just strings with a special flag. They draw via the Unicode API of Windows. This works for simple line output too.

>sa = u"α";
>sa + " = " + 45 + u"°"
 α = 45°

Internally, the interpreter and most of the surface still runs in plain ASCII. But some strings are translated to Unicode.

Thanks to Evgeniy who pushed me into doing this!

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