Euler on the Atari ST

In the video below you see Euler on the Atari ST computer around 1988. I bought a machine 1987 in Tampa, Florida, where I was teaching and doing research for one semester. Soon I started to program, first with GfA Basic, later with C. Euler was my first major C project. I needed this to be able to compute with complex polynomials, my main research interest at that time.

On the Atari ST, Euler was named RMAT and it was only numeric. The OS/2 Version from the beginning of the 90ies changed the name to Euler. Later versions were for Unix/X-Windows, and then for Windows 95. Maxima was added more than 10 years later. The first symbolic add-on was Yacas.

The following is a demo in German of Euler on the monochrome Atari ST. The demo runs on the wonderful Steem emulator. Great way to look back to when we were young!

You can also download the Video, if you like.


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