Euler Version 18.9

I updated Euler to Version 18.9. Most changes are under the hood, like a faster compiler setting, improved look of links, more documentation for newcomers, and others.

For new installations, Source Code Pro is now the default font. It installs with Euler. I recommend this font for any programmer. You probably have it already, if you use any development systems. Some editors, like Eclipse, do not use it by default. You should give it a try. Euler and the external editor JE now use this font.

Moreover, for new installations, the one-window interface is the default. Graphics appear in the Notebook window. The tabulator key switches between graphics and text. I am not afraid that this might confuse newcomers, since it is mentioned several times in the documentation. A plot in the text window now appears with a colon:


 The larger version can be viewed with the tabulator key.

Euler now got rid of old relaxed syntax and requires a comma or a semicolon between commands. A the end of the line, a comma is assumed.

>a=3; a^2, a^3

Since some versions, a vector needed commas between the elements in contrast to some other math systems. Since spaces are ignored in expressions, this should be the case in the definition of vectors too. So there is no other choice than to require another separator. Consider the following examples.

>a=3; a^2, a^3
>[1,2,-3 + 4]
 [ 1 2 1 ]
>[1 -2, -3 + 4]
 [ -1 1 ]
>[1 -2 -3 + 4]
 [ 0 ]


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