Euler Version 19.0

For the new major release of Euler, I introduced a bit of user interaction. In the following plot, the use can drag the value n and thus see how good the Taylor of degree n series approximates the cosine function. The values of n are restricted to 0,2,…,20.

These kind of boxes can also be used to display other information, like the functions with line style and color and a text. Here is an example.

The trick for the user interaction is the new function mousedrag, which can report mouse events to Euler. Of course, Euler has to wait for these events since the kernel is not event driven.

Moreover, there are numerous small fixes and improvements in this version. E.g., the font for the graphics is now always proportional. Give it a try!


2 Gedanken zu „Euler Version 19.0

  1. Hazem Baqaen

    Dear Rene,

    Excellent work! Euler is fantastic. I would like to request a feature in the next release: There should be a prominent display somewhere in the Euler window of the current mode (Maxima, Maxima Direct, Matlab, Strict Euler, etc.)

    Another idea is to embed an RSS feed that (optionally) notifies the users of any urgent updates, announcements, etc.

    Best regards,



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