Euler Version 20.9

This is a beta version for Version 21. It has a lot of new features, and I might add some more. So, we need the time to test this version. Please report any problems.

Euler can now generate a Latex file from a notebook. This can be translated to PDF. The output looks very nice and ready for print, if large images are generated and used. The Latex formulas are set by Latex for the PDF, of course. Here is an example.

There are some changes in the menus. The HTML export now opens a dialog with options. The HTML file opens automatically by default. The Ctrl+R shortcut now runs all commands, and updated the comments.

Since Maxima often returns expressions, which can only evaluated if we start with complex values, the complex: flag now  evaluates an expression, and takes complex values for roots etc.

The aspect() function got an update. You can now set the aspect permanently with a menu option, or use this function temporarily. The function now changes the size of the graphics, not just the plot window. But for 3D graphics, it will not distort the view. You may need to change the zoom for unusual aspect ratios and 3D plots. Changing the aspect is meant for function plots. Here is an example

The code for this is

>aspect(2); plot2d("sin(x)*exp(-x^2/5)",-5pi,5pi):

You need to reset the aspect later with aspect().

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