Euler Version 20

After 25 years of the start of the Euler nucleus the software has reached version 20. This is a good moment to thank all supporters and users of Euler. You were a great help along the way.

Between Version 19 and Version 20 there were only minor changes, which nevertheless sum up to a better experience for the user. The documentation has been improved continuously along the way.

For Version 20, I had some fun implementing XKCD style graphics. Here is an example.

The trick is to use random wiggles in drawing. In Euler, I use a random walk, which overlays each line and curve. The font is „Humor Sans“, which is available in the net. I expanded the setfont() function, so that it can use a new font for one session. Here is the Euler notebook which created this drawing.

You find implementations of this style in the web for Mathematica, for R, for Matlab, and in other languages.

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