Euler Version 21.0

It is finished! I am very excited about the new features, especially

  • the help window,
  • the level ranges,
  • the filled implicit plots,
  • the PDF export,
  • the aspect and font settings,
  • the improvements in the notebook interface,

and many more small details and fixes. I thank all those who took the time to write to me about problems or suggestions.

Most changes I have already blogged about. Here I want to show you examples ranges of level lines.

>plot2d("(x^2+y^2-1)^3-x^2*y^3",r=1.3, ...
   style="#",color=red,<outline, ...

This is an implicit 2D plot showing a region of a function of the form

\(a \le f(x,y) \le b\)

The plot3d() function can now show regions of level lines. I talked about this in an earlier blog. But it took me some time to implement it.

The only change to achieve this is to set dl=0.005. This will change the level lines from a single row vector to two row vectors with lower and upper bounds of the regions.

There is much more to say about the new version. For now, I stop here.

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