Euler Version 21.1

For 21.1, I improved the interface to the Tiny C compiler. It is now possible to write functions, which are automatically compiled. These functions consist of some macros and much C code.

For an example, the code for the Hofstadter-Conway sequence in this notebook now is

function tinyc hofstadter (n) ...
  ## Computes n elements of the Hofstadter-Conway sequence.
  CHECK(n>2,"Need an integer larger than 2.");
  int i;
  for (i=2; i<n; i++)
    int k=(int)m[i-1];

The Euler version is much clearer, but about 100 times slower. I had some fun generating a so-called Brownian tree with a bit of C code.

Along the way, I noticed an error in the Mandelbrot notebook. Now the magnificent image on this page looks much better.

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