Euler Version 21 Beta

Version 20.99 is on the server. It should be very close to Version 21. Besides some fixed (thanks to the hints of various users), it adds folding and hiding of multi-line commands and function bodies. I decided to take the following syntax:

>%% a=4; // Hidden Line
>%+ a=4; ...
  b=5; // Folded multi-line

The main achievement is the help window, which now learned a few new tricks, like

  • typing function definitions
  • listing of functions
  • list of the content of Euler files
  • listing and typing variables

The compressed SVG output is now working, but I have to deliver gzip.exe with Euler for this.

There are some new functions in Euler too. One is cummax(v), which takes the cumulative maximum. Another one are functions for the current time (daynow() and printnow()).

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