False Virus Alarm on lists.dll

Virus checkers, protection guards, internet shampoos, they all seem to be a necessary part of our computer life, and so are false alarms. It seems that somebody has been generating a virus with Tiny C. Thus the signature of DLLs generates with this tool got on the black list of some virus checkers. Since I accidentally delivered a compiled version of lists.c with the recent EMT version, you might get a virus alarm on lists.dll. It is a nuisance and puts EMT into a bad light.

Don’t worry! EMT gets checked by me and by Heise for viruses. This is simply a false alarm. I will remove lists.dll from the distribution files. It is generated on the fly when you load the lists library. Most users will never need this library anyway. Moreover, by default EMT warns before it loads libraries or executes external programs.

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