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Today I installed Foxit Reader for a try. That is a replacement for Acrobat reader. My hope was that it would remove the big difficulty when writing Latex for PDF: Whenever Adobe Reader has opened a file, it is impossible to write to the file. The DVI viewer YAP by contrast lets you not only write to the file, but will even update the display, when the viewer is brought to the front.

Indeed, Foxit Reader did not cling to the file like Adobe reader, but it did also not update, at least not automatically. I did not find a way to force it to update to the new file version too. The only way was to close the file and reopen. Then it did not open at the previous position.

I filed a support ticket for that issue. Let us see, what they say.

The look of the document was even a bit nicer as with Acrobat Reader, since it uses a broader anti-aliasing, which makes the fonts fatter and easier to read. This, of course, is my personal taste. I did not find any errors in display too.

Let me add that the installer wants to install another toolbar, I think it was Yahoo’s, along with various icons and quick start icons. You can disable this, if you are careful, and don’t click sleepily through the installation. These days, you have to be careful with installs, or you get all sorts of nonsense on your computer.

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