Inkscape and Sozi for Presentations

I recently came across Sozi, an extension for Inkscape. Since I have become a fan of Prezi I had to try this out. The idea is the same. If you have tried neither, have a look at these links:

The plugin is not really friendly to install into Inkscape. On this page, you can find instructions. You need to install Python 2.7, 32bit, and some packages, then replace the existing Python in Inkscape with a copy of your Python installation. Then, downloading and installing the extension for Inkscape is easy.

Making the presentation with Inkscape is fun, but it is easier with Prezi. Of course, with a full fledged SVG editor like Inkscape you have way more options. I was also surprised that EMT exports in SVG import easily into Inkscape. There is a plugin for Latex, but I used the Latex to SVG converter in the net.

All in all, it is a promising package. For math presentations, Latex with the Beamer package still is a much better choice. Moreover, a presentation software like Powerpoint or the like is far easier to handle.

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