Making GIF Animations

I fixed „makeanimations.e“ in EMT.


The code for this is the following.

>function f(z,z0) := (z-z0)/(conj(z0)*z-1);
>function plotcircle(z,r,z0,color=black) ...
$t=linspace(0,2pi,500); w=f(z+r*exp(I*t),z0);
$barstyle("#"); barcolor(color);
$hold on; polygon(re(w),im(w),0); hold off;
>function plotall (d,z0=0.5) ...
$fullwindow; setplot(1.05); clg;
$loop 1 to 6; plotcircle(c[#],1/3,z0,red); end;
>plotall (0)
>load makeanimations
 Functions to make an animated GIF or an MPEG movie.

09. Dezember 2016 von mga010
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