Math on WordPress and Font Sizes


I am using the Jetpack plugin to display math on this blog. It works quite well with only a few quirks. One of them is that copy and paste does not work in formulas if spaces are involved. The formula will not render.

More important is the bug that the font for the mobile display is way to large for mobile devices with a high resolution display. The following is from a preview of web pages on the IPhone. It looks okay.


The fonts are already a bit larger on my Nexus smartphone, but nothing to worry about. But on the Nexus 7 with its 360ppi display, the math is too large.


This is the mobile view, which is selected by the WordPress software for this device. In landscape mode, the fonts are also too large, but the problem is not so prominently apparent, since the width of the text is also wider.

Looking at the source, I see that an image is delivered for each formula, which is fabricated by a WordPress page in the web. The size of the image is too large for high resolution devices. I had the same problem with other images before, but obviously not with images in the blog.

If anybody knows a way around this, let me know.

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