Mathematica – Another Day

I tried some less obvious things. Here is a sound with Mathematica.

Clicking the play button plays the sound as expected. The same can be achieved in Euler with a bit more effort.

>t=soundsec(6); s=(sin(440*t)+sin(660*t))*(2+sin(2*t))/(t+1);

Euler is saving the file in wav format to the temporary directory, and plays it from there using the sound API of Windows. It is a bit harder to get the Fourier analysis.

>figure(3,1); figure(1); mapsound(s); ...
> figure(2); analyzesound(s); ...
> figure(3); plot2d(t,s); ...
> figure(0):

Mathematica has so many nice graphics in the Web. I wanted to try to produce some of them. Here is a starting point for image processing with Mathematica. Or have a look at this page. This is all very beautiful. Mathematica is really leading on this area.

I tried to create some images on my own, but the results were disappointing. You obviously need the right parameters. The trial version cannot save PNG files, so it is hard to test this properly. All examples I showed you till now are screen dumps. Here is another example. It is from this page. By the way, I don’t want to be nit-picking, but the page blocked my browser. I could read off this example however. It is straightforward.

This is a screen dump. I tried various export formats, but most did not work in the trial. One that worked was PDF. It  produced a PDF file, which can be loaded to the Acrobat Reader. But I was surprised to experience a very, very sloooow display. I have no idea, how Mathematica saves its graphics to PDF. But you can see triangle for triangle appearing on the display. If you are interested, you can study the 5MB PDF file.

I took a screen dump of the PDF output.

This is all not very encouraging.  Let me try that in Euler.

>plot3d("x*sin(x*y)",r=pi,fscale=1,n=100,>hue,grid=10,zoom=3, ...
> angle=45°,height=45°):

Euler can save SVG too. I tried that and opened the file in the Opera browser. You can then zoom in and out. The first display is a bit slow, but not as slow as the PDF file above. Here is a screen dump.

I am sorry if I leave the impression that I am comparing Mathematica and Euler. I am not. It is just so, that I have some experience with Euler and Maxima, which allows me to estimate and validate the results of Mathematica.

SVG is a format that works in the trial. But the output was very disappointing. I do not expect this kind of bug in a professional program of this price range.


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