I wrote about math on web pages here some time ago. For Euler, I now tested MathJax, which is a script based solution. It uses some tricks, including MathML, CSS, and even SVG depending on the browser. For a first impression, see this page.

Euler can render a formula through Latex. The images produced by latexpng are still necessary to display the formula in Euler. But the HTML output can use MathJax instead. There are pros and cons.

  • The page will display slower, since the script must be loaded and must render the page.
  • MathJax will not work on very old browsers.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Euler saves the Latex images for print quality. Some browsers cannot scale these large images well, i.e. anti-aliased. I am using Chrome, which does not have this problem. But the MathJax display will scale well. Alternatively, Euler can save the images for screen quality.
  • With images, the formula is lost. MathJax can be used to export the Latex code of the formula, or even the MathML code.

Let me know, what you think.

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