More Remarks on Corona

We learned a bit more now.

  • I am glad to hear that the social restrictions lead to a base infection rate of approximately one in Germany, i.e., one new infection per infectious. That is good news, but it must be even less. The number of cases must decrease to a number we can handle. Currently, my estimate is that every 100th German is infected, and probably the same in the US. That sounds manageable with care in social interactions.
  • And, of course, we still need to restrict travel, especially to countries that cannot take the measures we can because they are too poor. Those countries need immediate help. And, for god’s sake, please relieve the sanctions that the West has imposed to punish Eastern countries for not being cooperative.
  • Opening the kindergartens and schools is crucial for society. But it also imposes the biggest thread. Every nurse can tell you that one case of chickenpox means 30 cases of chickenpox where kids are playing together in larger numbers. And young parents will go through an unknown peak of strep infections while their kids are in that age. So, we need antibody tests as soon as possible, plus a new look at hygiene.
  • I always opted for more digital learning. Some don’t agree because they either think I wanted to replace teachers, or they underestimate the benefits of lonely study, trying, failing and thinking. It is obvious that learning is also a social activity and that teachers are needed for guidance. But some stuff must be done alone, and that can be very well stimulated by digital media.

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