– My Latex files are none of your business!

I have been using the ArXiv only once till now for a paper on Optimization which is too small to be published elsewhere. I thought it might be a good idea to upload my script on complex functions of the class I did 2020/2021. But I can’t do that.

The ArXiv wants my Latex code, my images and all files I have. Uploading the PDF is rejected because the PDF is detected to have been done by Latex. The server wants to produce an own version of the PDF from my files. I don’t agree to that procedure.

The final version of the script is the PDF. I do not want anybody else to produce an own copy of my work. I have no problems sending source code to colleagues to be used in their own classes, but not to the public. Even though this script will be completely free and open, I do not want to give away the control over its content.

Moreover, the script failed to compile on the server anyway. I tried it to see if the idea even works. But it does not as expected. I have my own organization of the files, and even changed that organization for the test. Of course, everything compiles here without problems.

My Latex files are none of your business, ArXiv.

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