Problems with Java and local Applets

One user wrote to me because he had problems with the HTML export of C.a.R. constructions. Indeed, there are two problems.

  • The security restrictions of Java forbid starting self signed applets on local web sites.
  • The C.a.R. applet can not load the construction from the local file system.

The first problem could be solved. If you enter „Java Control Panel“ in the search, you can start this helper program. There you can lower the security level. However,  do you really want to do this? I doubt.Currently, I do not know how to solve the second problem.

If you upload the construction file e.g. test.zir, the HTML test.html and the zirkel.jar file you can open the HTML without problems. So the best solution seems to be to run a local web server. You can install XAMPP or run an Apache server on your Linux system.  In Windows, you need to start the xampp server before you start Skype, or make changes to the ports. But once you got a web server running, you can put the files into xampp/htdocs and access them via e.g. http://localhost/test.html.

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