I am currently trying Sage. It is a pain to have that only in VirtualBox, of course. But is is the easiest way to install Sage in Windows, if you do not mind a 1.6 GByte download. Changing the the keyboard layout did not work, because the login was incorrectly printed in the Wiki. I asked the Sage support, and they fixed that immediately. Great!

The Sage window is a notebook manager, which runs individual notebooks in its window. Here is a screen dump.

I have a rather big screen, but the emulator window is very large, almost too large. There is a scaled mode in VirtualBox, which might be better.

The help feature you see in the screen dump really works. This is good. The speed is not optimal, neither of the Sage system, nor of the help. But this is only an emulator.

Here is the same plot in Euler, by the way. Euler uses a different strategy for contour plots. So there are differences.

I will continue this experience later.

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