I am currently studying a few math systems which use compiled code and are powerful enough to do real math. Along the way I came across the very nice Python approach named SciPy. I did not try the code, but I certainly will.

Along the way I found an example on their pages, where they compute a mass system with two masses and a spring.

(Image from the PySci page)

There is a glitch in the code, which effectively sets m2=1, though they want m2=1.5, which would cause x1 to become negative. I could not mail anybody this tiny error. There is only a mailing list, and I do not want to sign up just for this report.

I tried that in Euler. Of course, it worked as expected, and I was able to animate the action. If you want to try, download the zipped notebook file.

I tried to get  the video off the screen using Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture. But it is tough to start the animation and the video at the same time. Here is my not so successful attempt.

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  1. Hazem Baqaen

    Hello again Rene,

    Have a look at this powerful, efficient system for solving large problems of interest to physicists and engineers:

    Is it possible to have Euler interface to it like you did with Maxima?

    Also, have a look at REDUCE and, although I am sure you are already familiar with them.



  2. mga010 Beitragsautor

    I have done a look at FORM. Had to install Cygwin for this, however, and find out, which directory to add to PATH to run it. I wonder, if this compiler (or is it an interpreter?) could be compiled for Windows.

    It is a language for symbolic manipulations, which needs files to run on, and a terminal to produce an output.

    I can see only one feasible integration into Euler:

    You write a FORM program somewhere, which takes a symbolic expression from Euler (or several), and outputs a symbolic expression. Then some flags must allow FORM to be used in the following way:

    >form expand.frm „(a+b)^2“

    Currently, the execute command in Euler cannot receive output. But the next version will.


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