To prezi or not?

Now I have gained a bit more experience with Prezi. Actually, I like the idea. Following Wikipedia, it is not a new one. In 2007, some artist suggested this style.

There are serious disadvantages. For one, Prezi is commercial. The full version takes 159$ per year. This allows to use the software offline, called Prezi Desktop. There are academic plans billing 59$ yearly. That sounds okay. But commercial means not open too. So you will not be able to apply external tools to your work. You are also working with a closed file format, which may or may not become obsolete some day.

The more serious problem is the Flash base. Prezi uses Adobe Flash in the browser, which is doomed to die. I am not a friend of abandoning such a mature software like Adobe Flash, but things will go that way definitely. Currently, you cannot run Flash in a browser on the Ipad, and you can run it on Android only with other browsers and a manual installation of Flash (Prezi will work with Firefox and Flash for ICS). There is a native player for the I-stuff, but none so far for Android. So Prezi would eventually have to rewrite the presenter and the editor in JavaScript. Good luck!

Are there alternatives? You can use Sozi, which is based on Inkscape, an editor for SVG (scalable vector graphics). It will use JavaScript to steer the presentation. But editing is not nearly as comfortable, and there is no sound. I just wished someone in the open scene had invented something like Prezi. But those folks are busily reprogramming commercial office packages or all flavors of user interfaces.

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