Update of C.a.R. / Z.u.L.


My geometry program C.a.R. (compass and ruler) got an update today. In fact, it did not get an update for two years. Everybody seems to be using Geogebra these days. While that system is not bad and includes a complete infrastructure of web sites and tools C.a.R. has some unique features to offer, like a good graphics export and more versatile macros.

The problem with both is that Java has been killed by Oracle. To say this in the presence of Android (a Java based OS) sounds strange. But Android cannot run the full spectrum of Java programs. You need to rewrite everything, especially the GUI. This fact led to earlier disputes between Sun and Google. Sun claimed a violation of the Java license, because Android is not supporting Java fully. IOS, of course, cannot run Java at all.

Recently, Google stopped the support of Java in the browser. This is probably the end of Java in the web. But mind you, there are numerous Java programs for the desktop in use, the most prominent examples being Eclipse and Open Office.

Anyway, I had to fix the installation of C.a.R. and Z.u.L. (the German version) to cope with the new way Oracle has chosen for its installation of Java. I hope that it works now out of the box. Especially, the Windows installer created wrong links which could lead to disaster for the user.

If you want a nice geometry program, give C.a.R. a try! It will work even on a Macintosh.


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