Version 22.1

This is an update for Windows 8. I have switched to the new version of Windows to make sure, Euler runs there without problems. In fact, I like it better then Windows 7. Once you accept the idea of the start screen as a replacement of the start menu, you will like it too. Instead of positioning the mouse down at the corner, then going up to the program I like to start clicking my trace through submenus, I press the windows button, start typing the name and press return. Or I click one of the configurable big tiles to start the program.

Well, Euler had one problem in Windows 8. The default browser was not found. You can configure it in the browser settings, but it should be found automatically. I fixed that.

Euler is a 32-bit program still. There will be a 64-bit version in the near future. But currently, it will install into the (x86) folder. Also Python is linked to the 32-bit version of Python 2.7, if you use it.

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